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Presbytery of the James

District Map of the Presbytery of the James
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The Presbytery of the James is located in central Virginia and is comprised of 113 congregations organized into ten districts (see below).

The Mission of Presbyterian Men in the POJ is shared with the presbytery mission. Presbyterian Men seeks to fulfill its ongoing obligations and responsibilities under the Book of Order with special emphasis on the following specific tasks:


Evangelism and Mission Outreach:
To Promote the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ and sound theology with men in our congregations with special emphasis on a life and practice that is rooted in Scripture alone, by faith alone, through grace alone, in Christ alone and to the glory of God alone.


Church Growth and Renewal:
To promote and nurture gospel centered ministries and programs that increase the discipleship and stewardship of individuals and increase active membership within the church.


Education and Training:
To develop, conduct and evaluate leadership training events for men, with special emphasis on ensuring faithful worship embracing the Reformed tradition. 

We heartily encourage men from Churches in the POJ

to attend the Men's Conference this summer.  





The Massanetta Men's Conference is a major event hosted by Presbyterian Men in the MidAtlantic Synod