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Kenya Mission 2016

Presbyterian Men: 2016 Kenya Mission Trip

Synod Men’s Council (SMC) 4th international mission trip to Kenya ended on June 11th as 6 person team travel to complete a church and two room schoolhouse. The team traveled more than 100 km north of Nairobi to the village of Naivasha; there they finished and dedicated the church on the third day. PCEA Githima Church located in the Presbytery of Nyandarua, Maiella Parish where the Rev. Yishmael Allan Kanyanya is the pastor. This is the first church of any domination in the village of Naivasha and the name Githima means “well water.”

Not only did the team finish the construction, but provide equipment and decorations for the inside. These included banners made by the women of the New Covenant PC, Middletown DE, and cross, Bibles, communion set, offering baskets.

The two room schoolhouse was built at PCEA Canaan Church located in Mavoloni in the Yatta Nendeni Parish under the leadership of Rev. Susan Niña.

The highlight of the trip was Sunday church service in Masai Land in the Rift Valley where the PCEA Oloisho-Oibor Church and Girls Rescue Center are located. All of these girls as young as 9 years old were rescued from early marriage which is part of the Masai custom but is now against the law.

Enjoy the pictures from this year trip 

Wendell Hill
SMC 2016 Kenya Mission Leader